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Leah – Anterior Hip Replacement

Dr. Louis, Not hearing from your hipsters is probably a good thing, but I cant hold off any longer and really want [...]

Meet Ron Chaddock

During my youth in Canada, and also as an adult, I always loved to play Ice Hockey. I would play top level [...]

Meet Michael Pizzuto – Hip Replacement

Two short months ago you replaced my hip. I cannot express how happy I already am with the results. For years I [...]

Meet Diane Herman – Anterior Hip

Diane Herman, and the entire Dr. Louis Team celebrate Diane’s distinction as being Dr. Louis’ 1.000 Direct  Anterior Hip Replacement patient. I [...]

Meet Dave – Anterior Hip Surgery

I am 48 years old and for at least 10 years I have been unable to enjoy many daily activities with my [...]

Meet Chad – Trauma Patient

An unfortunate accident while riding one day on my motorcycle caused a major injury to my lower left leg.  Dr. Louis was [...]

Meet Greg – Anterior Hip Surgery

“Thank you Dr. Louis for restoring my hip and giving me my mobility back. I will always be very grateful to you [...]

Dr. Louis Educates a Group of Traumatologists Regarding Direct Anterior Approach

Dr. Steven Louis was invited as the first Clinical Instructor to educate a select group of Traumatologists, from across the country, regarding [...]

Dr. Louis Invites Patient and Clinical Student Visitor into the Operating Room

Dr. Louis is a dedicated advocate of patient and clinical education.  On a recent day in August, Dr. Louis invited a recent [...]

Meet Richard – Anterior Hip Surgery

"Dr. Louis is the best!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone who has to have their hip repaired."

Meet Tad Ahuja – Hip Replacement

"As a result of your outstanding efforts, you two have made it possible for me to enjoy this year's holiday season as I [...]

Meet Elaine Konkel – Knee Replacement

"Tylenol took care of the little pain I had," Konkel recalled. "My surgery was on a Thursday. I was home by Saturday [...]