Pubic Rami Fractures

The Pubic Rami are four areas in the front of the pelvis. Due to this positioning, when damage to the areas of the pelvis occurs, the rami usually fracture first. Pubic Rami fractures are most common in the elderly as a result of a fall from a standing position or in those involved in a motor vehicle accident. A patient may experience groin and leg pain that may prevent them from walking. X-rays and, in rare cases, MRI’s will be used to diagnose a pubic rami fracture.


Pubic Rami fractures typically heal without surgery and don’t usually cause permanent disabilities. Analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve pain. Because the Rami are a small part of the structural support in walking, and if this is the only area of the pelvis that is injured, Dr. Louis recommends that patients begin walking, bearing weight fully, as soon as possible. Typically, patients are comfortable in one to two months.