Meet Dr. Louis Patient Ambassadors

Meet William Seibert – Anterior Hip Surgery

“Dr. Louis is phenomenal,” Wil said. “He’s upbeat and straightforward. He has a great sense of humor and a big personality. I [...]

Meet Tad Ahuja – Hip Replacement

"As a result of your outstanding efforts, you two have made it possible for me to enjoy this year's holiday season as I [...]

Meet Elaine Konkel – Knee Replacement

"Tylenol took care of the little pain I had," Konkel recalled. "My surgery was on a Thursday. I was home by Saturday [...]

Meet Suzanne Lonngren – Anterior

Suzanne Lonngren Discusses Anterior Hip Surgery

Meet Karen Terdic – Anterior Hip Surgery

"My husband and I recently took a trip to Chicago just seven weeks after my surgery and I rode a Segway for [...]

Meet Jim Brabets – Hip Replacement

No pain. I was home and at Action Physical Therapy in Shorewood within days. Therapy was smooth and I was very mobile [...]

Meet Alicia Montejano – Hip Replacement

“Before my hip replacement surgery, walking and sitting hurt. It was too hard to even go to the store,” Alicia explains. “Now, [...]

Meet Cynthia Matyus – Hip Replacement

Before my hip replacement surgery, I felt so old. Crossing the parking lot and walking in public in general was embarrassing. Now, [...]

Meet Gillian Zarek – Hip Replacement

The pain was horrible before my hip surgery and I couldn’t do most of the things I enjoy, including just visiting people. [...]

Meet Jocelyn Rogers – Hip Replacement

“I was virtually bed-ridden for months before my hip surgery and I couldn’t do any of the things I enjoy,” she explains. [...]

Meet Karen Facenda – Hip Replacement

“Before my hip replacement surgery, I would avoid walking and I couldn’t sit for long periods,” Karen explained. “While I was at [...]

Meet Gregory Kozak – Anterior Hip

“I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic,” Gregory explains, “and my hip was shot before the surgery. I’d just put too much strain on it [...]