Dr. Louis checks in with bilateral hip replacement patient Mary Robertson post-surgery.

When Mary Robertson learned she needed to have both hips replaced, she consulted her original orthopedist about a bilateral hip replacement, rather than two separate surgeries. She was told this procedure could not be done.

However, Mary subsequently found out this was possible during a visit with Dr. Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics, who was treating her husband’s tibia fracture. She learned about Dr. Louis’ anterior approach method and promptly scheduled the surgery.

Just one day after Dr. Louis performed her bilateral hip replacement using the anterior approach, Mary was walking on her new hips.

“Going home on the third day, I felt my strength returning,” she says. “I was immediately able to get around the house comfortably with the walker. I could move confidently and painlessly, reach, bend, pick up items off the floor, and transfer easily from chair to standing and walking.”

Four days after the surgery, Mary began exercises with a physical therapist.

“The anterior approach made recovery so much faster than I’ve heard it to be with the posterior (more traditional) approach.”

Within about a week of her surgery, Mary was taking walks outside with her husband and using the stairs daily. She cooks dinner, does the dishes, sleeps easily, and even dances to her IPod every chance she gets.

“I would recommend anyone who qualifies for the surgery to go for it,” she says. “It’s been an amazing recovery. Dr. Louis’ approach has allowed me to progress through my therapy with ease, not having to worry about the standard precautions that go with the traditional method.”

Mary and her husband, who recently completed a triathlon after Dr. Louis’ repair work to his tibia, continue to take daily walks together.

“I could not be more pleased,” she explains. “The bilateral anterior approach surgery permitted me to do everything–the preparation, tests, surgery, physical therapy, and post surgery care—just once. I was able to get back to my life so much faster, and what a savings in health care costs!”

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