I am writing to you in appreciation for performing my anterior hip replacement.  I had the surgery on June 1, 2015 and my recovery has been amazing. I am pain free and I walk 10,000 steps daily, tracked by my pedometer.  Prior to my surgery, I was using a walker to ambulate and taking medication for pain.

Twelve years ago I had my other hip replaced.  It was the posterior approach and my recovery was long and I had months of physical therapy.  In contrast, I had only three weeks of physical therapy since your surgery.  The therapy was easy for me; twelve years ago it was a struggle due to pain.

After my 2015 surgery I spent a week at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.  I had both physical and occupational therapy while I was a patient there.  After therapy I did not need medication for pain; only an ice pack was used.  The nurses and therapists were surprised and happy to see my progress.

Dr. Louis, I am so happy I chose you to do my surgery.  I am grateful to be pain free and mobile.  I have energy and a renewed sense of well being.  Thank you.

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