During my youth in Canada, and also as an adult, I always loved to play Ice Hockey. I would play top level Ice Hockey on a Canadian team and then as I grew older, I would play on the weekends with my friends.

Then in recent years I started to notice significant pain in both my hips. I always thought it was probably due to my ongoing hockey activities and it began to restrict not just my hockey activities, but every day activities, like going up and down stairs, travelling with my wife on business trips, skating, walking, golfing and all the things I enjoyed.

When I met with Dr. Louis he reviewed my x-rays and explained in much detail how my joints had worn down to what they call “bone on bone” and it really explained all the pain I was having.

Dr. Louis discussed with me the advantages of the Direct Anterior Hip Replacement procedure and how I could elect to have both my damaged hips replaced at the same time – which is called Bilateral Hip Replacement. I had absolutely no reservations about having both hips replaced at the same time.

Dr. Louis told me about other successful patients who had both their hips replaced in a similar fashion and I was certainly looking forward to getting back to all the great activities I enjoy.

After my hip replacement surgeries I experienced no pain and no restrictions. I was going up and down my stairs at home with ease and pain-free. My new hip implants feel natural and very strong. I experienced no muscle soreness and the surgery corrected my bow-legged condition, which I had all my life. I was looking in the mirror one day and realized how straight both my legs were..

My rehabilitation experience at Rehabilitation Center of Chicago was conducted as an outpatient and was a very quick road to recovery.

In this picture, I have just completed a climb up a 500 meters high Bridge in Sydney, Australia called the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with no pain or discomfort and 6 months after my bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. I am travelling with my wife on business and enjoying all the great sight-seeing opportunities Sydney has to offer.

I thank Dr. Louis, and his great team of professionals, for getting me back to all the activities I enjoy. I have been back on the ice – skating with my friends, golfing at 6 weeks after surgery, and travelling every week with my wife.

If you are considering hip replacement surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Louis and the Direct Anterior Approach to hip surgery.


Thank you Dr. Louis – Ron Chaddock


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