I had a marvelous experience acquiring my bionic hip.  Dr Louis, his entire staff, and the entire Good Sam hospital staff, from the volunteer that welcomed us to the guy who wheeled me out upon release, and including op-prep, recovery, cleaning staff and food folks, and especially the extraordinary nursing/PCA staff, and including my post-op therapist Sue, was amazing – very concerned, attentive, accommodating and professional.  I could not have asked for better care.  Dr Louis and his total team came highly recommended to me and I am very glad to add my name to his list of very satisfied bionic hip customers.  Thank you very much.

My bionic hip surgery was 11-noon on 10/16/17. This is my first stroll with walker and Nash, my PCA (Personal Care Assistant), at 3:43pm on 10/16. Incredible!!! Look at the clock!  Nash had advised me that while I had done very well, my gown was supposed to remain tied completely closed in back, at all times. Complaints were made!!

My recovery from hip surgery continues to go great! I could not ask for anything better or easier. I feel guilty because the exercises are so easy that I do not feel like I actually did anything after completing them! The most difficult thing is to be careful not to do too much!! No Pain – No Gain does not apply in this case. I have had absolutely no pain at any time from surgery thru hospital stay and home rehab thru today!! Incredible! With the way things are progressing I could be made poster child, okay poster-geezer, for Painless Bionic Hip Surgery!!

I was able to walk with no assistance since the 10/21-22 weekend! The surgery was on 10/16!  I graduated from walker to cane on 10/23 when my therapist visited, but I did not even need the cane. I carried it around and used it just to humor her. When she visited on 10/27, she released me from further home therapy and said she felt that additional outpatient therapy would not be required. Not yet ready for golf just yet though.

Please have anyone who would like to discuss my bionic hip installation experience contact me.  I will gladly share my experience with them.  I also have a very low-mileage walker that I can lend them.


Rich Pregmon, age 72

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