Fibula Fractures


Fibula fractures are breaks in the bone that runs parallel to the tibia on the outside of the lower leg.  The fibula is the smaller of the two bones and is not the weight-bearing bone.

Fibula fractures are often caused by a direct strike to the lower leg or a severe ankle twisting injury.  Stress fractures may also result from repetitive impact such as in jogging.  Because the tibia and fibula run parallel, a fracture of one bone often causes a break in the other.  Symptoms include pain, swelling, tenderness, inability to bear weight on the injured leg, bruising, and numbness in the leg.


A fibula fracture(or broken leg) typically causes pain, tenderness, bruising, swelling and some deformity of the lower leg area.   Fibula fractures can be simple breaks in the bone or breaks in multiple areas of the bone causing pain in multiple locations in the lower leg areas.


These injuries typically occur due to a traumatic incident.  Dr. Louis will perform a thorough examination to evaluate and determine the extent of your leg injuries and conduct a complete review of your medical history.

He may also utilized diagnostic tools such as an MRI, X-ray or CT scan to confirm the extent of your condition.


X-rays of the knee and ankle are necessary in diagnosing a fracture of the fibula.  In less severe fractures a brace, cast, or walking boot is used to treat the injury.  On the other hand, a patient with a complex break will undergo surgery, in which a rod, plate, or screws are inserted to realign the bone fragments as they heal.