When Margaret Wegrzyn came to the United States to care for her mother, Marta Gardian, before and after Marta’s left total hip replacement, she was amazed by the top-notch care provided by Dr. Louis and his staff.

“We admire Dr. Louis for his wonderful surgical skills, but also for his friendly, warm, and caring personality,” Margaret explains. “This allows him to establish a strong, personal connection with every person he treats.”

The connection between Marta and Dr. Louis made it easy for Marta to have full faith in Dr. Louis throughout the process.

Margaret and her mother are also grateful for the hospitality Marta received by Dr. Louis’ staff during her recovery at Good Samaritan Hospital. “Their helpfulness and warmth made my mom’s visit there very pleasurable.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by top quality equipment used by Dr. Louis and his staff. My mom was lucky to have exposure to the industry’s cutting-edge technology.”

Margaret and Marta are thankful to Dr. Louis that Marta is happily on a quick road to recovery. “We wish Dr. Louis all the best in his career.”

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