Two years after having her first hip replacement, Audrey Hoy learned that her other hip was in need of replacing. This time, Audrey opted to have her surgery done by Dr. Louis using the direct anterior approach method.

“In a few simple words, there is no comparison between the anterior approach and the traditional method,” she says. “After my first operation, every move and motion was painful. After my surgery with the anterior approach, I was able to walk almost immediately without discomfort and I slept easily.”

Upon returning home from the hospital after the surgery by Dr. Louis, Mary was able to climb the eighteen stairs leading to her bedroom without pain or problems.

“My husband, having experienced two hip replacements ‘the old fashioned way’, was in awe of my ability to conquer so much in such little time without pain.”

Audrey acknowledges that it takes an experienced surgeon to perform the anterior approach. She is grateful that Dr. Louis’ skills provided her with a quick path to recovery.

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