Letter to Dr. Louis and physician assistant Katey O’Connell:

“As a result of your outstanding efforts, you two have made it possible for me to enjoy this year’s holiday season as I wasn’t able to last year.  I’m immensely grateful for the remarkable job you have accomplished with getting me as far as I am today.  Which, considering what you had to start with, is nothing short of miraculous!  Without your excellent diagnosis and skilled hands, I might not be celebrating this holiday season as I am.

You two exemplify all that is good, both professionally and personally, with your wonderful efforts with me, your other patients and all those Haitians you assisted in their tragic time of need.  That kind of work and effort will not go unrewarded, I assure you of that!  Your skill, competence, patience and sensitivity are the prize of your profession!  Your calming reassurance and soothing manner helped ease the trauma for my family.  I can’t express my appreciation and gratitude enough for that.

May God bless you two.  I will forever carry gratitude in my heart for the gifts you’ve given me.  If either of you ever feel the need, please call me and I’ll remind you of the miracle you performed with me and all the Haitians you treated.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!”

Sincerely and gratefully,

Tad Ahuja

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