People experiencing hip pain understand how greatly it affects all aspects of their lives. However, many are unsure when it’s time for hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Steven Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics is an experienced orthopedic surgeon specializing in the most advanced approaches to hip replacement. He advises patients to consider the following when evaluating the decision to have a hip replacement:

  • Do you have pain that severely impacts your ability to walk?
  • Is it difficult to go up and down stairs?
  • Have you done the following: physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections and you still continue to struggle with the pain?
  • Are you unable to sleep comfortably at night because of hip pain?
  • Are you unable to bend at the hipto put on socks or tie shoes?
  • Is your hip problem affecting your job?
  • Are you irritable around family members and difficult to be around?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, and have arthritis of the hip, it may be time to have hip replacement surgery.

It is important to select a surgeon for a consultation carefully. He or she should be board-certified and skilled in performing minimally invasive surgery. The less invasive procedures will allow you to be back at work or active again more quickly than traditional hip replacement surgery. Dr. Louis recommends the direct anterior approach to hip replacement (from the front) because it is less invasive, less painful and allows a quicker recuperation than traditional hip replacement surgery done from the rear or side of the body. This technique allows the surgeon to replace the hip without cutting or detaching the muscles around it. Consequently, muscles that play a key role in hip function are less affected than with traditional hip replacement surgery and recover their function more quickly.

The outcome of this sophisticated procedure depends on surgeon training and experience. Dr. Louis is fellowship-trained in the area of trauma, giving him an edge over other surgeons, because he is experienced in surgical techniques that involve fixing the hip joint from the front in the least invasive fashion. With less tissue and muscle damage, patients return to normal activities sooner and are pain-free more quickly.

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