I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Steven Louis. He has given me a new lease on life. In 2008, I had hip resurfacing on my left hip due to degenerative arthritis. At that time, another doctor performed a posterior hip resurfacing. This procedure went well, however, I soon started showing similar symptoms with my right hip. I had bone spurs removed, then they tried a shot of cortisone and they even tried a Synvic-1 injection, but nothing was relieveing my constant pain. So, I returned to the doctor who performed my original surgery on the left hip and he told me a total hip replacement was my only option. The next morning, I called his scheduler to set up a surgery date and was told I would have to wait another 5 1/2 months for a date.

Due to a tooth infection, I had to postpone that surgery. I was told the doctor would reschedule me when he could fit me in. By this time, my pain was so severe, I was on several pain medications and using a cane just to walk around. I went home that evening from work so frustrated, I told my husband I don’t care what it takes, we need to find another doctor. I soon opened the local newspaper and there was an article about Dr. Steven Louis and how he was doing an anterior approach to hip surgery. I asked my husband to call and in the morning Sabina called me back to set up an appointment. My husband explained all the pain and we were able to see him in five days. The surgery date was scheduled at the same time within four weeks, assuming Dr. Louis thought I was a candidate.

We met with both Dr. Louis and his PA Katelyn O’Connell and I could just feel the confidence they both had in themselves and the anterior approach. When Dr. Louis told me he would be able to perform the surgery, I was so happy, I truly believe a heavy weight had been lifted and I knew I was in extremely good hands. The operation was a complete SUCCESS!

The next day, Katelyn came to see me and asked if I wanted to go home. The physical therapist had me walk the hall with a walker and I was able to go up and down ten steps the very DAY AFTER SURGERY. All of the hospital staff involved were very happy with my immediate progress, but not really surprised, because they knew that Dr. Louis had performed the operation.

My posterior hip resurfacing required a four day hospital stay, and three months recovery time. I also had a large scar, pain and discomfort due to the fact that the doctor cut through muscle to correct the problem.
With my procedure with Dr. Louis, I had a one day hospital stay and I was the one who asked for physical therapy. I felt I needed it because I had limped and used a cane for so long.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Chicago just seven weeks after my surgery and I rode a Segway for over an hour through Grant Park, Millennium Park and to the Field Museum. With Dr. Louis’ direct anterior approach procedure, I have no restrictions or pain. It is so nice to feel ALIVE again.

Dr. Louis is a GIFTED SURGEON whose goal it is to make sure you can enjoy a pain-free life. Thank you so much, Dr. Louis and Katelyn. May God bless you.

Karen Terdic
Elwood, IL

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