Dear Dr.Steven Louis, Dr. Durkin, Katie O’Connell, Sabina Chowaniec and the staff at Hinsdale Orthopaedics, plus all the staff involved with my surgery at Good Samaritan Hospital:

How do I begin to thank you? This was a long road for me. At the end of the road, I was directed to Hinsdale Orthopaedics and a visit to Dr. Durkin. Dr. Durkin looked at the x-rays and said we can give you two new hips in just one surgery visit and Dr. Louis was the person to see. I did.

Surgery was set for Sept. 30, 2010. I was a bit nervous, but confident. The day of my surgery was so smooth. I arrived early, went through pre-surgery prep and a visit to Dr. Louis. I was brought to the operating room. Everyone said “hello.” Then somebody said, “here’s your party hat.” I woke up with two new hips and no pain!

My next few days at Good Samaritan were so comfortable. I think all the nurses and staff so much. No pain.
I was home and at Action Physical Therapy in Shorewood within days. Therapy was smooth and I was very mobile by the time I saw Dr. Louis for my follow-up visit three weeks later. No pain.

I went back to work (a physical job), January 10, 2011. No pain.

Again, I thank all involved. Before surgery, I was in pain and frustrated whenever I walked. Now, I’m mobile, ready to play golf again and so happy to live every day with NO PAIN.

Thank you so much,

Jim Brabets

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