For patients with chronic knee pain, everyday activities such as walking, climbing up and down stairs, getting into and out of bed, and even sitting or lying down become excruciating.
If non-surgical treatments including oral medications, cortisone injections and Hyaluronic Acid injections do not help relieve knee pain, total knee replacement surgery may be an option.
Although approximately 581,000 knee replacements are done each year, how do you know if the procedure is right for you?
The decision to have total knee replacement surgery should be based on consultations with an experienced, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, such as Dr. Steven Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics.
Dr. Louis, in accordance with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, identifies these rationales for patients who may benefit from total knee replacement:
• Severe, debilitating knee pain when walking, climbing stairs and sitting down or standing up
• Difficulty walking more than a few blocks without extreme pain
• Persistent swelling in the knee that does not diminish with medications or rest
• Knee deformity
• Stiffness in the knee preventing bending or straightening of the joint
• Inability to find pain relief from anti-inflammatory medications
• Failure to reduce pain and swelling with non-surgical treatments
A total knee replacement, the most common joint replacement procedure, is a complete removal of the femoral, tibial and patellar joints of the knee. Dr. Louis is among the first orthopedic surgeons in the Chicago area to offer patients custom-designed knees that are tailored to an individual’s unique body mechanics, size and gender. With new technology, Dr. Louis can precisely match the size and placement of the implant to the patient’s original, healthy knee.
Dr. Louis thoroughly evaluates a patient’s medical history when determining if total knee replacement is appropriate. Physical examination assessing the knee’s motion, stability, strength and alignment is also performed. X-rays and MRI’s may be used to determine the extent of damage to the knee and the condition of the knee’s tissues.
To learn more about total knee replacements or Dr. Louis’ custom-designed knee replacement procedures, contact Sabina at 630-323-6116, ext. 7123.

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