Richard Sroka, physical therapist amazed with hip progress of his Direct Anterior Hip surgery patient.  Mr. Sroka is a Physical Therapist with Achieve Orthopedic Rehabilitation Institute in Park Ridge, has been helping patients recover from hip surgery for 12 years.  “Doctors typically require six to eight weeks of physical therapy after hip surgery,” Sroka said. “Three sessions of therapy each weeks is usually needed.”

This month, for the first time in his 12-year career, Sroka is treating a patient who opted to have anterior hip surgery instead of traditional hip replacement surgery. Dr. Steven Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics performed anterior hip surgery on the patient in December. Now, his physical therapist is amazed with his progression. “I expect he will be complete his physical therapy within the first month, and I only see him twice a week” Sroka said. “He’s also in much less pain than we usually see.”

Not only is the patient experiencing less pain, a faster recovery and less therapy than traditional hip surgery patients, Sroka took notice of his positive mentality.
“The patient is more optimistic than usual, probably from a pain standpoint and his ability to be more functional in walking and getting around,” Sroka said.

Here are some of the advantages Dr. Louis points out about the direct anterior approach over traditional hip replacement surgery:
o Less pain post-operation
o No restriction of post-op activity
o More accurate leg lengths and alignment with intra-operative X-ray
o Decreased risk of post-op hip dislocation
o Minimal incision and scarring
o Patients may walk same day as surgery
o Little or no physical rehabilitation
o Procedure is easier for patients who are overweight or obese
o Earlier release from hospital
o Cost-effective because shorter hospital stay

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