cruzAward-Winning, 13-Year-Old Piano Player Performs at Ravinia After Treated by Dr. Steven Louis for Broken Wrist and Elbow

Jonny Cruz, 13, is a talented pianist who is a scholarship recipient and member of the Music Institute of Chicago’s Academy program for gifted, adolescent musicians. A piano player since age four, Jonny has studied and performed with several renowned musicians and orchestras. Just four months after his debut performance at Ravinia, Jonny suffered a broken wrist and broken elbow—potentially detrimental injuries for a piano player.

Fortunately, Jonny was in good hands with Dr. Steven Louis, who performed surgery to mend Jonny’s broken elbow and broken wrist. Since then, Jonny has experienced a full recovery, returning to his love for performing music. The gifted teen- who also plays the violin in his school’s honor strings ensemble and the alto saxophone in his school jazz band, and swims competitively- is seen in the video below performing with a piano trio, where he was one of three pianists selected internationally to spend three weeks in Connecticut performing numerous pieces with chamber group ensembles.

Since his recovery, Jonny performed Aaron Copland’s El Salon Mexico piano duet with Welz Kauffman, president of Ravinia, while Concert Dance, Inc. performed on stage. His biography, as printed in the program for this performance, is also shown below.

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