Dr. Michael Demers, an orthopaedic surgeon from Detroit, MI, specializing in disorders of the hip and knee, is one of many surgeons from around the country participating in clinical training programs in the operating room with Dr. Steven Louis to learn the new Anterior Approach surgical technique for hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Louis is one of a select group of surgeons globally providing clinical mentoring to seasoned and next generation orthopedic surgeons seeking one-on-one clinical training in the operating room.  Dr. Louis specializes in the techniques and advantages of the Direct Anterior Approach to hip replacement surgery.

Dr. Louis was selected for this important role due to his many clinical years in practice treating Trauma and Orthopaedic patients, as well as  performing over 1,000 Direct Anterior Hip Replacement Procedures to-date.   Dr. Louis continues to be committed to providing his expertise to new patients at his practice in Hinsdale, Illinois (Hinsdale Orthopaedics) and to surgeons seeking comprehensive hip replacement knowledge and options for their local patient populations.  

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Louis, please call his office at 630.323.6116.

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