I am 48 years old and for at least 10 years I have been unable to enjoy many daily activities with my friends and family.  Prior to my procedure I began enduring pain during the most simplest of tasks, like putting on my socks or lacing up my shoes .  As an avid golfer and all-around active individual ,my pain became increasingly worse.  Early last year (2014), while watching my wife and 6-year old son get ready to go bike riding and realizing that I was again not going to be able to join them due to unbearable pain in my hips, I decided it was time to seek medical counsel.

As a seasoned healthcare professional in the orthopedic business, I had many resources to tap into when considering just the right surgeon to complete my procedures.  I knew both hips were bad and that I would need to have them done at the same time if I was going to become pain free.  After careful consideration and consulting with colleagues I trusted, my decision to see Dr. Steven Louis was an easy one.  His reputation in the area of Trauma and Orthopaedics, and everything I had heard while working in local hospitals regarding how excellent a surgeon he was and how he cared for his patients with a deep sense of commitment and passion, allowed me to feel very comfortable moving forward with his recommendation.

I will admit, even after our initial visit I did not want to admit that at 48 I was going to need this surgery.  But a few months later I was back in his office with pain worse than before and he just looked at me and said “its time for surgery”.

The surgery went extremely well and  I was walking the very first day!!  In the video below you will see how quickly I was able to walk confidently down the hallway at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital only days after my surgery.

I felt so very confident and strong from the very first step.  All my physical therapists commented on how great I was doing and  they were not surprised when I told them that Dr. Louis was my hip surgeon.  After a few weeks I was back behind the wheel and thankful I was getting back to work and making plans for future activities I had not been able to enjoy for years.

Thank you always Dr. Louis for your deep sense of commitment to your patients, excellent skills in the operating room and for providing such a new and valuable technique to your patients.  The Direct Anterior Approach has certainly been invaluable in my healthcare outcomes.

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