Diane Herman, and the entire Dr. Louis Team celebrate Diane’s distinction as being Dr. Louis’ 1.000 Direct  Anterior Hip Replacement patient. I am forever grateful to Dr. Louis for his professional approach  . Because I had attended Dr. Louis’s seminar, I felt calm,excited and very confident that the surgery would go well. I had seen a half a dozen patients walk without any aid after 2 weeks on his video, and that was enough for me!

My surgery and recuperation has been exactly as he explained, and in some ways better. By the end of week one I had moved on to a cane. During the
second week I was walking most of the time without the cane. By the end of the second week I was beginning to ‘forget’ I had had surgery as my
range of motion was improving so well. At week three I went back to the gym and began walking around the track 20 minutes. It is now 4 and a half
weeks. My daily routines are completely back to normal. I need to remind myself daily that I had major surgery and that I really am not completely
healed until 6 weeks because I do not feel anything connected with the surgery. I can also attest that my range of motion is even better now
than it was a few years ago. I am still doing my Physical Therapy exercises and look forward to even greater improvement as the weeks go on!

And I am back behind the wheel, enjoying the many activities I was unable to achieve before my hip replacement surgery… I was thinking just the other day “why did I wait so long to have this procedure“?

I would highly recommend Dr. Louis, his entire team at Hinsdale Orthopaedics, and most especially this new procedure called the Direct Anterior hip replacement surgery. Thank you Dr. Louis!!

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