Dr. Louis,

Not hearing from your hipsters is probably a good thing, but I cant hold off any longer and really want you to know how much you have changed my life (and that of my family).  I no longer have a sore hip.  I can walk for long periods of time. I dont limp, am sleeping, dont take any pain medication, ever.  I dont even have a sore back.  You were right!

People ask me if I feel like I waited to long… I answer yes and then no… I found the best surgeon and have the new technique and feel so good. If I had to do it all again, I would wait just as long for you and your team and Chicago.  I am often overwhelmed with gratitude and cry when telling the story.  Quietly to myself, I am amazed several times a day when I get up from a chair, or reach for something, or finally collapse on the couch and notice for a brief moment the missing pain.  How lucky… you are amazing at a job that gives people their lives back.  How lucky… we found you.

So, all it great and I cant thank you enough.  Ever.


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