Dear Dr. Louis,

Before time moves on too quickly I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on me (Craig Rowells, June 19, 2017).  Truthfully, I was “freaked out” about having surgery done on my hips, but the pain going on without any focus on helping my situation was stupid, it had gone on for far too long.

I’m glad my wife, Lorraine, took time to find you.  Though your site was somewhat hard to believe that such positive results were possible with the operation, after meeting you just once convinced me to go with you.

The operation went well at Advocate Good Samaritan as remarkable as one can expect.  With my family there, you relaxed them all with your positive energy.  Thank you for that.

I just completed 2 months at ATI physical therapy in Schaumburg, IL with them working me hard to take advantage of your great/innovative work.  My prior total knee replacement was affected by this therapy but I will be able to continue on with some tenderness in that knee.

I look forward to being able to sit down in a rented fishing boat or playing my brother and sone in golf.

Again, thank you!!

Craig Rowells

October 24, 2017

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